Thread & Yarn Finishing

At Resil, we believe that only the perfect thread or yarn makes a difference. This perfection is as much a priority for us as excellence in fabric finishing is. Right from aqueous to antistatic, our finishes help make your thread soft, sturdy, durable and comfortable.


  • Trouble-free knitting, low shade variation
  • Durable softeners on the finished substrate
  • Retained hydrophilicity of the treated yarn, minimal loss of tensile strength
  • Uniform pick up across cheese, good lubrication and enhanced gliding, optimum coefficient of friction
  • Suited for use by HTHP package/exhaust process/Godet methods

Optasol FSL

A ready-to-use, non-aqueous lubricant, it is used for sewing thread finishing. It is a quick drying formula that does not leave any residue on the yarn/thread. In addition, it does not degrade the tensile strength of the fibres. Optasol FSL can be used at room temperature and in the hot-melt application.