Silicones are used either directly in the end user industry or after value addition as Silicon based compound.

Silicone based products possess some properties that are sought after across a diverse range of industries. Some of the key properties are:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Low surface tension
  • Shear and scratch resistance
  • Release property
  • Anti foaming property
  • Softening nature
  • Lubricating property

The form and extent of usage of silicones depends upon the application areas, criticality and specific end user situations. Resil focuses on silicones for a wide variety of industries. Silicone textile finishers, silicone releases, Silicone antifoams, silicones water repellents, silicone polymers and emuslions. Silicones and silicone compounds find applications in various end user industries like textiles, construction, electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints, inks, paper, automotive and rubber industries.

Why us?

With expertise spanning two decades, Resil is a renowned organisation in Asia in the field of silicones. Resil is a trusted manufacturer and formualtor of specialty silicone polymers and silicone formulations customized to various requirements. Resil’s silicone expertise has gained the organization credibility in other industrial applications as well. Resil has knowledge and instruments such as Zetasizer, FTIR, UV spectrophotometer, Gas chromotography etc. to develop novel patented materials in the area of silicone.

Industry speak

Having over 2000 customers all over India & globe is a clear testimony to the quality, service and sustainability of Resil’s products in the market. Resil’s smart partnerships with various silicone industries and research institutes in the area of silicones helps to discover new molecules and materials. A qualified research and technology team including PhD’s, masters degree holders, engineers & technologists create innovations in the area of silicones continuously to meet the ever demanding needs.