Silver is one of the oldest natural, precious, noble metals used by humans. The antimicrobial properties of silver have been recognized for over 5000 years. Silver in its active form gives the antimicrobial property and act against bacteria selectively, while offering a very low toxicity risk to humans.

After years of intensive research and partnerships with eminent research institutes, Resil has filed several patents in the area of silver antimicrobials. This has given rise to a novel, non leaching, low loading, skin safe, durable, environmentally safe and easy to use product for industrial and health care applications. Resil is the first company from India to attain a listing from OEKO-TEX for a safe antimicrobial.

Why us?

Resil would be an ideal partner for silver antimicrobial technology for the following reasons. * Resil’s products are patented and protected *  The silver antimicrobial manufactured by Resil and marketed as N9 Pure Silver™ is sustainable and easy to use in numerous applications. The silver antimicrobial is available in a variety of formats such as suspensions, emulsions, solvents, powder, polymers and as composites depending on the industry requirement.

Industry speak

The silver antimicrobial is manufactured by Resil and is marketed under the brand N9 Pure Silver™. The brand is synonymous with freshness, hygiene and protection and has been accepted and used by renowned global manufacturers such as Marks & Spencer, DIM and Walmart as an ingredient brand in their products to communicate the use of a premium, safe and novel silver technology, thereby acting as a value added differentiator.

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Case study

Conventional silvers, being expensive have not found wide spread use in applications. However the unique particulate silver developed by Resil and marketed under the brand N9 Pure Silver™ is cost effective and environmentally safe due to its effectiveness at very low dosages. N9 Pure Silver™ helps move products up the value chain, creating opportunities towards premium category segments. This novel product has applications in numerous industries such as cosmetics, textiles, jute, plastics, leather, rubber and even swimming pools and spas.