Technical Textiles

Jute, with its biodegradability, high tensile strength, heat and fire resistance offers much use for the textile industry. However conventional processing methods often take the charm out of the golden fibre. Rediscover the beauty of jute through multiple, tailor-made finish solutions from Resil.


  • Excellent lubricity and cohesiveness
  • Reduced loss of short fibres and¬†dusting during mechanical processing
  • Imparts soft feel, lustre and moisture retention
  • Ensures weight gain in treated fibre
  • Bio-degradable and self-emulsifiable
  • Easy to dilute and saves processing/dilution time
  • A single product to solve any problem

Jute multi-functional finish

Our jute antimicrobial has a single combined product (5-in-1 product) which offers lustre, anti-dusting, binding, softening and anitmicrobial properties in a single treatment