Matter in various forms that contain carbon atoms form the basis of organic chemicals.These may include simple organic acids and alkalis to complex macro molecules. Both physical properties and chemical properties are characteristics of an organic compound. Its uses mainly depend on its chemical reactivity to various substrates. The uniqueness of organic compoundsis seen when it is compounded with various formulations, organometallic materials and inorganic materials to deliver novel functional properties. The art of making an organic formulation and reaction forms the basis of textile chemicals and they are cost effective.

A large number of Resil’s cost effective products have been derived from organic chemistry. Resil’s unique, premium, organic softener is used by the industry for high quality finishes. DMDHEU resin is a flagship product from Resil which is used as a wrinkle free and formaldehyde free finishing additive . Products out of synergistic combination of organics can help in developing unique textile auxiliaries and industrial cleaning products.

Why us?

Resil’s strength in organic development is ubiquitous. Resil’s organic products are cost effective and form a premium range. Resil’s solution strategy by combining organic products such as resins, wax emulsions, organic softeners with silicone ranges creates a value added proposition for the customer who uses both continuous and discontinuous processes.

Industry speak

DMDHEU resins find wide applications in textiles and wood coatings. Conventional DMDHEU resins contain low quantity of formaldehyde (<-0.1%) acceptable by the industry. Resil has a unique zero formaldehyde resin which can meet the most stringent European and American standards.

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Case study

Organic compounds increase their value addition by combining with inorganic or organometallic materials. One such value addition is development of silicone modified organics. This composition combines better properties of silicones such as low surface tension, spreadability, low dosage, silky handle and penetration with value added properties of organic compounds such as organic compatibility, cost effectiveness and strong adhesion properties. Such silicone modified organic compositions form a unique proposition for formulators and exporters who can readily buy concentrates and use it for co-formulation.