Actigo™, from Resil Chemicals​ is a patent protected technology​ enables jeans manufacturers to move to a new process that eliminates the need for Potassium Permanganate (PP) used for denim bleaching. The technology acts only at the point of laser interaction by creating a natural worn look with greater contrast when in comparison with the harmful PP spray garment finishes. Actigo™, is highly effective on a variety of articles, including high stretch, dark and light finishes.

The laser activated bleaching technology also helps in improving laser productivity, providing a cost neutral solution to switch over from PP sprays. In addition, the process saves water and energy in denim finishing and eliminates labour intensive hand sand and improves the safety quotient of the process.

Why us?

  • Resil is a pioneer in Denim finishing and innovative process solutions.
  • Resil have partnered with Acticell GmbH which has enabled the innovation to provide manufacturers with a sustainable solution for denim finishing.

Industry speak

“One of the innovative solutions offered by this collaboration is to substitute Potassium Permanganate with ACTIGO, a Laser Booster, powered by Green screen listed; patented Acticell® technology”
– Mr. Ganesh Srinivasan, Executive Director Innovation, Resil Chemicals.

“This treatment is now being used by major denim companies in North America and we seek to offer these solutions for South Asia”
– Mr. MS Vijayan, Joint Managing Director, Resil Chemicals.

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