Biotechnology is an applied technology used to study the natural environment. It harnesses biological process for commercial uses resulting in sustainable development. Biotechnology can be used in various industry applications including Textiles and Agriculture. Plants, animals, bacteria, fungi and algae synergistically produce renewable energy, food and nutrients.

The use of enzymes in Textile and Leather processing prevents the use of harsh alkalis and acids thereby avoiding pollution of the environment. Enzymes also help in saving water, energy and reducing labour costs through quick, efficient processes. Resil has a variety of formulations based on acidic and neutral enzymes for desizing, finishing, bio-scouring, fading and bio-polishing applications.

Why us?

  • Resil is a pioneer in textile finishing and bio materials for the finishing process.
  • Resil is a formulation expert and has the capability to develop bio and organic materials synergistically to deliver new finishes.
  • Resil has a state of the art GMP formulation facility to produce bio formulations based on enzymes.

Industry speak
  • Resil provides a granular form of silicone with good solubility ensuring that there is no settling and promotes easy handling.
  • Compatibility with stones helps to run granular silicones along with the stone wash bath.
  • Compatibility with enzymes helps to run granular silicones in a single enzyme/bio-polishing wash bath.
  • Excellent dispersing and softening properties allow granular silicones to combine rinsing & softening in a single rinsing bath, thereby conserving water and process time.
  • A wide pH range and temperature stability of the granular silicones promotes flexible application. Granular silicones can even be sprayed on a steamed garment.
  • Imparts a novel natural handle.
  • Shear stability of granular silicones provide trouble-free processing at soft flows at low liquor ratios (1:3 to 1:6).
  • Biodegradable granular silicones have a positive impact on effluents & the environment.
  • Eco friendly granular silicones provide substantial water and energy savings by reducing the process steps in the finishing processes.
  • New, improved grainy structure.

Products and Services

Case study

Field trials in Thailand confirm that enzymes from Resil offer sustainabie benefits for cotton textile production. Resil industrial bio-products tested in a Thailand based manufacturer of custom fabrics demonstrate the significant sustainabile benefits of bio-based enzymes. They would replace traditional chemicals in cotton textile processing at bulk scales. Resil’s enzymes are derived from natural resources and are biodegradable.