Textile Finishing

Combining the latest technology with our innovative processes, we bring you the perfect finish. Whether it’s infusing the smell of lavender into silk or taming denim’s toughness or even helping white cottons retain their brightness, Resil has a refreshing collection of solutions to meet your every need.


  • Tailor-made finishes with ARC-backed solutions
  • Consulting and post-sales support with advanced facilities for product and substrate evaluation
  • Simulation of every process in the fabric and garment making chain
  • Progressive development on the product’s appeal, function and longevity
  • Greater opportunities for customers to contribute to the innovation process

There are several highlights in the textile finishing segment. These include:

  • Concept of Bio-scouring – Future of sustainable textile processing
  • Low temperature curable Resin system – Affordable technology for value added products
  • Formaldehyde free Resins for fabrics and apparels
  • Tear strength improvement system – Exploring silicone technology