Functional Finishes

Resil’s innovative performance finish solutions enhance the personality of your fabrics. From antimicrobial and fragrance finishes to anti-ageing, wrinkle-free, stain repellent and moisture management solutions, Resil offers finishes that serve a variety of needs.


  • Converting textiles into functional products
  • Changing the functionality of textiles
  • Expands the range of applications that textiles can be used for
  • Extending the utility value of textiles by treating it as a different medium
  • Customised solutions

N9 Pure Silver™ antimicrobial

A novel, patented technology, our particulate silver based, blue silver technology is an OEKO-TEX listed product that is non-leaching, eco-safe and skin safe. It also ensures low silver loading and can be applied by using exhaust, padding, spraying, moulding and coating processes.