Textile Pre-treatment

We don’t just stop at providing you with finishes. We also bring you a comprehensive list of value additions with our enzymes and textile process enhancers. Resil offers comprehensive solutions for textiles such as wetting agents, lubricants, sequestering agents, peroxide killers, fixing agents, levelling agents and washing off agents.


  • Products can work in continuous and discontinuous processes
  • Can save/avoid process steps – saving energy, water consumption and chemical consumption during pre-treatment
  • Pre-treatment chemicals are eco-friendly and offer reduced load on effluent treatments
  • They work under extreme pH, temperature and process conditions to deliver quality fabrics for finishing

BioReduct Top NS

A reduction clearing agent that can be used for all types of polyester, it is a substitute for hydros. A cost-effective product, it releases less pollutants to the environment and can be combined with caustic and other additives.