Textile Enzymes

Providing you with world-class finishes is the only the beginning of our capabilities. We also bring you a comprehensive list of value additions with our enzymes and textile process enhancers. Enzymes can alter the characteristics of almost any textile, and provide amazing benefits through their versatile nature. Poised to transform the industry with its applications, enzymes have definitely conquered unchartered territories in the textile industry.


  • Eco-friendly, can replace harsh chemicals, Safe and sustainable
  • Accelerated reaction time, easy to control
  • Used across the processing value chain
  • Process savings – reduced effluents and timings, unique, clean and neat finishes, effluent treatments made easy, unique finishes in denims and knits.

Resil’s enzymes contribute to sustainability. Our Ezyscour BS, a bio-scouring product, helps remove non-cellulosic materials such as oil, wax and minerals from cotton fibre, increases wettability and makes pre-treatment easier. It also ensures minimal weight loss, reduced strength loss, minimum pollutants to waste water, reduced energy and water consumption and promotes a safer working environment